Happy Victoria Day

Totally forgot today was a holiday in Canada – today is Victoria Day which is a day to mark Queen Victoria’s birthday.  Her official birthday is May 24th so the holiday falls on the Monday closest to the 24th of May so it makes for a long weekend.

Us clever Canadians however have nicknamed it May two-four weekend which refers not only to the date, but also because we call a case of beer a two four as it contains 24 bottles…and most of the time a few are consumed over this weekend (a few cases that is). It also means that summer is on it’s way so we can pack away our touques and parkas (for the most part).

case of Moosehead

For the first time in my life I actually am finding the name 'Moosehead Beer' a bit strange, there are no actual moose heads in this beer

As a teenager May 2-4 was the last long weekend before school ended for the year which was often celebrated by a large group heading to a dodgy camp site with recently purchased tents, disposable BBQ’s and 2-4’s of beer.  I can’t tell you what else goes on…mainly cause I can’t remember.  As we got older and had access to better accommodations this weekend was often spent at someone’s cottage which included the same amount of beer, BBQ’ed meat, fewer tents but the same amount of headaches and stories to regale everyone with when back to work/school on Tuesday.

So to all of the Canadians full of beer and BBQ I wish you a Happy May 2-4….

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