How fancy…

Fancy dress

Over here they have this fantastic phenomenon called ‘fancy dress parties’.  When I first heard of these parties, I assumed you would dress up as you would do for a black tie event…ie your fancy clothes, hence the name fancy dress. Good thing I wasn’t invited to one of these before confirming as this is not the case…  Fancy dress here essentially is a ‘costume’ therefore a fancy dress party is a costume party – of which they seem to be big fans of.

Themes range from dressing as a particular decade, dressing in something that starts with a particular letter of the alphabet,  dressing up as dead authors to dressing up as your favourite London tube station.  We have been to a few since we got here with the most recent being  last night with a  ‘beach ball’ theme meaning you could go beachy or go as if you were going to a ball (or both)…I went for the tacky retired Floridian (sorry Mom and Dad) with a big hat, beach wrap with parrots all over it and butterfly jewellery.  The hubby went for a Bermuda look with shorts with a blazer, shorts, leather loafers and socks to the knees.

The best bit about the prevalence of said parties is that you will often be on the tube when on walks someone dressed as a nun, school girl, punk rocker and no one really flinches…however to be fair, in London I guess they could be real nuns, school girls or a dude with a real mohawk.  I am keen to throw a Canadian themed party this year and see how may people come dressed as hockey players or mounties….you won’t find too many of those on the tube.


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3 Responses to How fancy…

  1. Johnny says:

    A Canadian fancy dress party? Awesome. I’m coming as Stephen Harper!

    • Adrienne says:

      You might have to wear a name tag as my guess is that most people won’t recoignise you – myself being one of them…hahah I should get my passport revoked for not being able to identify the Prime Minister!

  2. Kiz says:

    Im coming as maple syrup !

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