Baby gadgets

So since it seems like a fairly fertile year for many of my friends, I thought a baby related gadget blog might be in order.  I saw most of these on TV the other morning and drooled over the ingenuity of every single one!

Sock Ons

Sock ons

Wee little elasticy thingy that goes over a baby’s socks to keep them on…wonder if they can make a boot version of these as we were following a kid in a buggy the other day that lost his welly and we had to chase after then to give it back…if he had a boot on, that wouldn’t have happened.

Baby Dam –

Bath dam

Check it out…its a dam….for the bath!  Now you don’t have to waste all that water filling up the huge bath for a wee little baby (or a  blonde blogger named Adrienne who finds her tub at home too big and would benefit from this as well)

Stay put cutlery

Stay put cutlery

How much do I love this…the bowl is suction cupped to the tray and the cutlery is on springy coils so they don’t fall to the ground.  I am sooo getting this for the hubby, he has dropped his fork on the floor twice this week and the food remnants nicely landed on our white couch – um yeah I realise this wouldn’t be as much of an issue if we ate at the kitchen table versus the coffee table but you can’t see the TV as well from the kitchen.

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