A job well done?

From my experience it seems that the UK (or Londoners) have adopted a fairly energy efficient lifestyle. They use smaller fridges which use less energy, very small freezers, washer/tumble dryer combos which are basically useless so people tend to hang their clothes out and running water is set up on an ‘on demand’ system.

In Canada we had a giant water tank – okay giant to me – but the thing is easily 5 feet tall and 3 feet around and is always full of hot water, presumably it takes quite a bit of gas/electrical energy to keep a giant tank of water warm all the time in case someone needs 50 cubic feet of hot water in a hurry. The downside to this is that if you do happen to have a giant bath you have to wait for the tank to fill and heat again before having another.
Anyhoo the system here (in our flat at least) is that the water isn’t held in a reserve we just have an electric heater that heats the water up as you need it (by running it through molten lava or fire or something like that).  But it works and it means that you only use a burst of energy when you need hot water and when you don’t, it sits idle.

For our shower that is located farther away from this heater thing they install a smaller version of the same heater that you turn on and off like your tap (except its a button which is way more fun). For the past year or so ours has been on the fritz (technical term) and has only been spewing out scalding hot water no matter which way you turn the dial.  Last week we couldn’t take it any more as I honestly thought we were going to have physical burns on our skin.

Sooo..we headed off to the DYI store and bought ourselves a shiny new shower unit.  Knowing we couldn’t install it ourselves we hired an electrician, luckily for us he was available the next day (yay recession) and so we booked him in.   He tried in vain for 2 hours to get it set up then decided he needed help from his plumber friend whom he contacted and came over that same evening.  The two of them fiddled for a while then announced they were done…. thoughts??

New electric shower

Shower installation

On the upside the water temperature is much better 🙂

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3 Responses to A job well done?

  1. Kiz says:

    Hehe, we have those tanks in the UK too, Central heating its called…But we have timers that switch it on automatically so it only heats it up when needed (And then it stays hot most of the day)
    Alot of people also have what you have (Power shower) Which ROCK…However, try and get an isolation switch installed in the shower….after all, thats electricity there….and if the worse were to happen, you need a switch someone can pull (Normally away from the shower, neat the light pull) to isolate the electricity in a hurry !

    • Adrienne says:

      We are in a new build so it was probably easier to wire one up when they started from scratch – I can imagine trying to put one into an existing house would be a nightmare (and a fire hazard!!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Altho, the best place for a fire is a bathroom i guess !

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