WTF? Friday

I love this thing…it was developed for the game boy (yes that monumental hand held game that weighed 5 lbs and was the size of a brick) and I wish it was more readily available during my childhood as it would have made the lives better of  many doctors/dentists/nurses whom came in contact with me, better.  I have a bit of a fear of needles…or pain in general  so got Valium and nitrous oxide when I got my wisdom teeth out and request emla cream (a topical freezing cream) whenever I get blood drawn (yes, even at 30).


This spectacular gadget is called the Pedisedate and I dont’ think I can explain it better than their website does…

Once the child places it on his or her head and swings the snorkel down from its resting place atop the head, PediSedate transparently monitors respiratory function and distributes nitrous oxide, an anesthetic gas. The child comfortably becomes sedated while playing with a Nintendo Game Boy system or listening to music. This dramatically improves the hospital or dental experience for the child, parents and healthcare providers.

Can I get a ‘hell yeah’….well done inventor dudes, well done.

Source: Oh Gizmo

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