Omaha – somewhere in middle America

So this past weekend was the first bank holiday of the year and I spent it with my good friends in pubs while the hubby spent the weekend in Omaha…why you ask (or do you have the Counting Crows song in your head as well?)

Anyhoo to backtrack a minute, the hubby idolises a financial dude called Warren Buffet, for those of you who don’t get the pleasure of having books about him lying about your house or hearing your hubby quote him…he is an American investment investor/businessman whom has been very successful at both as he is the second richest person in the world behind Bill Gates. I refuse to go into more detail other than to say he is extremely brilliant and am happy for the hubby to idolise him as long as he follows his views on philanthropy (yay) and ignores his frugality (yuck) in his personal life (okay a little frugality is good but when you are the second richest dude in the world…??)

So every year he holds his Annual General Shareholders meeting for those who hold shares in his company, we don’t but the hubby luckily had a friend who did. The event took place on Saturday and on top of hearing Warren and his partner Charlie answer questions for 5 hours, there was also has a trade show where the companies he invests in (from Netjets to Coca-Cola) set up displays.

The hubby was in the queue outside the stadium at 5am (mainly cause he hadn’t adjusted to the time change but some of it was probably excitement) to make sure they got a good seat and were treated to a wild west re-enactment while they waited (only in America). Once inside the hubby saw loads of ‘famous’ investment bankers and enjoyed every minute of the whole thing.

Wild west re enactment

When the main event day was over, they were left with some time to tour Omaha (read: booorrring) and visit some of the places which Warren owns including a jewellery store (that’s more like it).  As the hubby was walking in to the jewellery store who follows him in but Bill Gates…being the good paparazzi that I trained him to be, he opened the door for him then snapped this photo
Bill Gates

He also thought it woudl be nice for me to see all the people in the jewellery store buying things (he, not being one of them).

Borsheims Jewellery store

Just off of the jewellery store there was a room where a bridge game was being played – Warren is fanatical about bridge and plays either online or offline every day – in this game were more famous investment people and Warren and Bill Gates squaring off at one of the tables. Warren is the dude with the Coca Cola and M&Ms. He also saw Glenn Close (in the store not playing bridge) and a few other celebs which I was wayyy more interested in.

Bill and Warren

Warren Buffet

Anyway he had a great time which makes it better that he left me alone for a long weekend but it also means that I can hang it over his head for a while so if I get invited to the Oscars or to hang out with Reece Witherspoon for a weekend, he can’t say no…I am such a nice wife

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