WTF? Friday

Slap chop



One of the things I forgot about home was the unbelievable amount of infomercials.  They seem to be playing all day every day and feature everything from the slap and chop, mighty putty to the chamwow.  All these things you didn’t know existed or that you needed but after 30 seconds of being enthusiastically yelled at, are convinced you can’t live without.

Every time I see them however I am fascinated by the enthusiastic presenters, the cheezy celebrities and the overpaid and overexcited crowd that ooh and aah along with the show.  This particular one though I was shocked with as it features Mr T in his most wooden, clichéd role ever…my favourite bit is around the 16 second mark when he  says ‘I pity the fool who tries to get this down’ …What does that even MEAN??

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