It’s probably not what you think….

So it turns out that they don’t use the word caulk or caulking here and to be honest the exact second the word came out of my mouth I knew this.  I didn’t even need to see the horrified look on my colleagues faces before realising that even if they did use that word it would sound posh as they probably pronounce the ‘L’ and say cal-k or something less dirty sounding.

To explain, a colleague asked me what I am up to this weekend and I said ‘I desperately need to caulk my bathroom so I might try my hand at caulking’ (I added that last bit as soon as I realised she did not know that word ergo I needed to repeat it again for comic relief).

To clarify I was talking about caulking as in sealing our shower to prevent leaks….and to be honest the more I say it the word more ridiculous it sounds (similar to that whole milk thing growing up) and I think I have to side with the English on this one and say sealant from now on….it won’t however prevent me from running the caulk joke to the ground in this post.

And yes, on top of how ridiculous the word sounds, I am aware of how pathetic the whole concept of spending my weekend ‘sealing’ the bathroom actually is…because of that I now change my answer to said question and my new response is ‘I am going to lay in the park, get drunk and have a Sunday roast’ all which seem to get a better response from the colleagues. Bring on the weekend!

…Should I have put a disclaimer on this post? Surely you can’t get that worked up over a little caulk…hahah yes, I am 13 years old and the more I say/type it, the funnier it sounds.

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3 Responses to It’s probably not what you think….

  1. Warren says:

    Okay, now I’m coming back to find what you’re up. Never got into reading a blog before. You’re a hoot!

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