Thank you for being a friend…

bea arthur

As I mentioned I was a big fan of Golden Girls and remember being able to stay up well past my bedtime to watch it with my two great aunts, so I was sad to hear that another of the legendary actresses has passed away. Bea Arthur (played Dorothy) died  at her home yesterday at 86 after battling cancer. I  loved her dry wit and I aspire to deliver sarcastic one liners with a full head of grey hair as well as she did.

PS do you have the theme song stuck in your head now like I do?


Rose: Can I ask a dumb question?
Dorothy: Better than anyone I know.


Dorothy: How come whenever my ship comes in it’s leaking?


Blanche: I can’t believe you said that! Oh if I weren’t a lady I’d deck you.
Dorothy: You try and I’ll have you on your back so fast you’ll think you’re out on a date.


Blanche: Dorothy, this is crazy! Since when do you care how you look?
Dorothy: I think it started when I came down from the bell tower and had my hump fixed!

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3 Responses to Thank you for being a friend…

  1. Nomad says:

    I remember Bea Arthur being the leader of the The Golden Girls, one of the funnier characters on that show at least…
    she will be missed

  2. Warren says:

    Just spent a random half hour reading your blog…
    I’m about an hour from Toronto, and thoroughly enjoyed your randomness. Thanks for the entertainment.

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