**Update (cause I know you were all dying to know) I didn’t have to pay for my trip home as apparently the overground staff were made aware of the situation.  I also heard that the strike will be over tonight and the trains will be back on track tomorrow (pardon the pun).  I guess the whole door situation must have gotten solved, I feel much safer now, thanks.

So the Victoria line is on strike today which made it annoying to get to work…especially since I was told my ticket was valid on the over ground trains only to find out when I got to the station that the over ground staff were not told of this glitch and I had no proof so I had to argue with them for 10 minutes then still pay the fare. The worst bit was that 5 seconds after leaving the station (after paying) I received an official email from Transport for London confirming that the over ground would accept my ticket…bugger.

Please pay particular attention to the bit in time they should tell the overground staff

Please pay particular attention to the bit in time they should tell the overground staff

Anyhoo my favourite bit about this whole exercise is the reason for the strike, apparently one of the reasons is because of London Underground’s ‘failure to address claimed safety concerns over train door operation’.

I do commend them for worrying so much about our safety that they will strike over it but I also find it fairly coincidental that it is on the hottest day of the year so far. I think I am going to strike too, the tap water at the office is too hot and I am afraid people will burn themselves…that’s it, I am on strike, if you need me I will be sunning myself in the park.

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