Home for a rest…

We are home from another trip to Canada…this time it was for a wedding that the hubby was in and I was the emcee. Being home made me realise a few things:
1) I can’t eat like I used to…the portions seem huge and I have no idea how I ever got through a full Keg steak in the past
2) Canadians don’t use the word redundant like we do here, there it is only used when being repetitive versus here where it is used to mean that you lost your job ie being made redundant
3) I miss ketchup chips (crisps), rye (and coke or ginger ale), Swedish berries and Caesars
4) Driving on a sunny day while cranking up the radio and singing along is fun however traffic jams and trying to find parking is not
5) It is dumb that you can’t buy alcohol in a grocery store in Canada
6) The Go train is huge – this is our equivalent to the overground and has two levels but I forgot how big it was until I stood beside one and it towered over me (to be fair most things tower over me)

Go train

oncoming Go train

7) Everything is big, the mayonnaise containers, washing machines and grocery stores

Giant miracle whip 8.) Being charged for incoming calls on mobile phones is ridiculous and I have no idea why mobile providers in Canada/US have been getting away with it for this long
9) I love that taxes are included in the prices in the UK – less math for me to do
10) Tim Hortons is the Canadian equivalent to the pub, people go there to relax, read the newspaper or meet friends and it makes them happy (although unlike a pub you can grab a drink and take it in the car)

Tim Hortons Queue
I am sure there are more but that’s all I can think of for now as I am still tired from the wedding and the flight….

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4 Responses to Home for a rest…

  1. Kiz says:

    Yay ! I learnt lots about Canada, and its in my top 5 places I want to visit !
    I have questions !!

    Whats an Emcee?

    Whats Miracle Whip? (And why is there a pear next to it?) Is it Mayo? And is Cool whip like miracle which or is that something else (They refer to it in family guy)

    Ok Im done !

    • Adrienne says:

      Hahah sorry should have explained those things
      1) an Emcee is basically the person at a wedding reception that introduces the speakers and says some funny things (I thought it was spelled MC but apparently not )
      2) Miracle Whip is like mayo but with some seasoning in it. Although I grew up thinking it was mayo.
      3) Cool Whip is actually like whipped cream but its a bit thicker but you can spoon it on desserts etc its yummy but super high in fat
      4) The pear was there to show how big the standard jar of Miracle Whip was cause it seemed huge to me
      Canada is a definitely worth visiting sometime, especially since you know so much about it now 🙂

  2. Amanda says:


    So your still drinking rye and ginger eh. I haven’t since uni days.. oh the good times. ONe of these days ill get back onto it..
    Hope you had a good time at ‘home’..
    Chat soon!

    • Adrienne says:

      Hahah I needed the rye to get through the week!! The bartender at the wedding didn’t even have to ask me what I was having he had a rye and ginger poured for me! I think its mainly because we really can’t get it here that I like it so much, its always the stuff you can’t have eh!!
      Hope you are well!

      x A

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