Happy Easter

Happy Easter! It’s still early here in Canada but the Easter bunny has arrived bringing some of my favourite Easter chocolates (basically anything that has marshmallow and chocolate together) which I had for breakfast (I’m an adult, I can do that sort of thing).


My nieces however (hopefully they can’t read this) are getting something called a Webkinz bunny.  For those of you not up on the latest stuffed animal technology,  they are like the modern day version of  beanie babies but  come with a special code printed on a sealed tag that you register online.  Once online, your animal gets a little house and some points you can use to spend on furnishing their house (presumably you can spend real money to buy more fake points to furnish your fake online house for your fake online bunny).  You log in to feed and entertain your animal then can connect with other webkinz and invite them over to play.

I was fairly intrigued when I first heard that there was something web based associated with this stuffed animal but I was expecting a bit more.  Something like a GPS chip that located the bunny on google maps or a sensor that could report back to the computer as to how much time you actually spent playing with the thing –  no such luck,  you are really just paying $15 for a 9 digit code attached to a fairly boring stuffed animal (as you can imagine, I was hard to entertain as a kid).

Anyhoo I am sure they will love them as their technological expectations aren’t as high as their nerdy auntie….I will just try not to get chocolately marshmallow goo all over them.

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