WTF? Friday

I am still not conviced that this isn’t a joke.  Its called the Uroclub and contrary to how it sounds, it has nothing to do with being European, as it might sound, it has everything to do with your-a-peein’ (OMG I kill me).


It is a hollow club which you men are to wee in when you are stuck on a golf course with no where to ‘go’.  They even throw in a privacy attachment in the form of a bright green towel…yeah no one will think that it is strange if you have a green towel hovering over your crotch like some sort of dirty magician/stripper.

Uroclub instructions

Is this really necessary?  Aren’t you outside? near trees? or a clubhouse?  I can understand a urinary relief tool for skiiers, or desert explorers or sky divers who really don’ thave any other options but as a golfer it seems that there are other opportunieies than weeing down a tube (which i am sure can’t be silent) then having to dispose of it – yeah no one will look if you take a golf club with you to the mens toilets in the club house,  screw off the end then pour it down the urinal…sorry gadget dudes, this one gets a fail from me…although arguably I am not the target audience on this one.  I’m better suited for a she wee.

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