Right now..

I have always been fascinated with random facts (like that kid on Jerry Maguire ‘the human head weighs 8lbs’). I especially like random facts that have to do with technology so is no surprise that I am intrigued with the Sprint Now campaign dealing with exactly that both in a TV advert and online.

To be fair I am also a very skeptical person so not sure how many of these statistics are true but it does amaze me that so many people can be doing the same thing all over the world (like leaving their cell phone in a taxi – I forgot my credit card at a bar this weekend and I am now sure loads of other people did it as well – just maybe not at the same bar).

Sprint Plug into now

The campaign website (which you can literally kill hours on playing with each little widgit) is awash with random facts and statistics for your viewing pleasure. For the most part, the statistics seem reliable however the thing falls down a bit for me when the google widget says that ‘Frankie Avalon’ is the top term searched for today…hunh? I do however, believe the one about the babies being born as I think I know half of them, I am convinced there is a baby boom on in 2009….that’s right folks, you heard it here first.

Alright, back to watching the sticky note production numbers increase….I love sticky notes, I have one stuck to my wallet right now reminding me of the things I have to do today (Mom will be so proud to read that).

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