How bout those odds?

Grand National 2009

We had a lovely weekend with P&C, our Canadian friends, whom are visiting for the weekend. One of the highlights was on Saturday when we headed to the pub to watch the Grand National horse race. As per my (fairly lengthily) post last year on this. It is the most bet-on race in the UK as it truly is a race that just about any horse can win as it is so unpredictable (as long as he has a jockey on his back which I learnt the hard way).

The race is fairly long (30 jumps) and the jumps are quite large, some with ditches on the other side causing horses to fall, riders to fall off and a bunch of jockey-less riders cluttering the track.

This year was one of those spectacular ones when the winner was truly unexpected. His odds were set at 100-1 meaning if you had the dumb luck to pick this guy…you did quite well. Chances of that were slim it seemed as we were in a packed bar and only one person had chosen the winner. Even the mother of the jockey only placed a bet of 50p on her own SON!! Hopefully she buys him something nice with her £50 (I wouldn’t go as far as to suggest new teeth as a BBC reporter is getting in some trouble for doing that already….I was just thinking a pint or two to say ‘sorry for not believing in you’).

Anyway P&C seemed to thoroughly enjoy the (marginally inhumane) event and I think it added a little British-ness to the trip (as have the multiple pints of London Pride and John Smiths and trips to Primark).

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