Extra suspicious today…

So I scoured the Metro today suspicious of all of their stories but this year it seems instead of printing a fake story like they did last year, they wanted you to choose which story was fake out of four…not as fun but whatever.

Then I came across this great Waitrose ad for Pinanas and found that a few of the advertisers had jumped on the old April Fools bandwagon…

Pinanas at Waitrose

As well as Mercedes with their new ‘Magnetic Tow’ feature that allows you to lock to the car in front of you using an magnetic beam thus using less fuel (my favourite bit was the ufellforit@mercedes.co.uk email address).

Mercedes Tow Technology

I then became incredibly suspicious of all of the ads in today’s edition and am not entirely sure if there really is a lunch sale on at Marks & Spencer for £2, if BT really was named the most trusted internet provider or if Starbucks drinkers really do prefer Costa…I don’t know who to believe.

Starbucks drinkers prefer Costa

I know that I am not going to believe one of my favourite gadget sites who  is trying to sell Satnav Shoes or a Dream Recorder…although I would find both very handy!

Firebox Gadgets April Fools

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One Response to Extra suspicious today…

  1. Em² says:

    Well spotted. Somebody really needs to make some pairs of fake sat-nav shoes that just randomly bark “left-right”. Each night as the sun sets there would be these poor souls wandering pointlessly under instruction silhouetted against the setting sun.

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