Toasty sandwiches

I have a bit of a thing for the Poundland store near my house (yes, you guessed it, a store where everything costs £1, I am such a recessionista). They carry quite a few brand name products (like Tetley Tea and Jelly Tots) and other stuff that you don’t really care if it is brand name or not (bin bags, paper towel etc). They also have great little gadgets like battery powered fairy lights, blinking reindeer ears, pink tools (for women only – of course I got these when we were working on our flat cause they were so cute) and my most recent find last night…a toaster bag which I couldn’t resist.

toaster bag

I know they have been around before but I haven’t seen them as cheap as 2 for £1 (for those of you whom haven’t seen them, you stick a sandwich in them – preferably one with cheese) then stick it in the toaster and it comes out crunchy and warm, and doesn’t mess up the toaster. Anyhoo a colleague of mine tried it today at lunch on her cheese and tomato sandwich and voila! Toasted and melted!

Toasted sandwich

I am actually not a fan of sandwiches (weird, I know) but the other day I picked up a microwave lunch only to find out that it was actually one that needed to be cooked in a real oven as the breaded chicken that needed to get crispy. Knowing that the microwave at the office would make them soggy, I stuck them in the toaster.  Which was a good idea until I tried to get them out.  I eventually did but it was a bit of a pain and involved tipping the toaster upside down and getting covered in crumbs.

Anyway, my thought was that this bag may revolutionise my lunches and I can cook things like chicken fingers…will keep you posted, until then my colleagues are enjoying their toasted sandwiches.

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