Eating your words

I figured out fairly quickly after moving here that I don’t sound like everyone else. We were at the tower of London getting a group tour by a real live Beefeater. At one point he looked at me and said ‘Where are you from” to which I replied, “Toronno”, he said “Where?”, I repeated “Toronno, Canada”. At which point he said (very loudly in front of the group in his bellow-y English accent) “…oooooh you mean ToronTOE”…okay point taken I don’t enunciate, we, as a nation, fail to enunciate (ever been to Wadderloo?)

Since then I have been of the opinion that since the English invented the language, I don’t have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to pronunciation. As such, I have adopted a terrible Eng-adian accent combining the two languages. There is one word however that drives me nuts and I want to drag that Beefeater around London with me and personally ridicule people who say this word….

The word is ‘et’ pronounced like bet without the ‘B’…and this word is used by the English when they mean to say ate (pronounced like the number eight) – the past tense of ‘to eat’. I was watching television last night and the announcer actually said ‘When you ‘et’ that, how did it taste?

Seriously….I can understand me being lazy and thus receiving an English lesson from a Beefeater but what is the excuse for bastardising one perfectly fine word, ate, and turning it into a short cough sounding word that certainly shouldn’t be regarded as being part of the English language..Come on people, can you please stop, I have taken the D’s out of Toronto, can you put the ‘eh’ back into ‘ate’?

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2 Responses to Eating your words

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m with you on the et. Cause ya know we speak english so very good!
    I must say along with et I don’t understand the sat. My family will say, “we are sat watching telly, or we are sat outside watch the sun set. They are never sitting. I often wonder if satting is more comfortable, maybe I should give it a try!
    Love Aunty L.

    • Adrienne says:

      Hahah I actually think I might use the ‘sat’ every once and a while, I forgot about that one. Yeah I would definitely recommend it, way comfier indeed!

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