WTF? Friday

I think it is fair to say that London is fairly up there in terms of being a fashionable city. People here just seem to have a built in knowledge of what is going to  be the next trend even before it happens (myself on the other hand, adopts said trends well after they have already passed, oooh ballet flats and leggings – cute)

Anyhoo I was out shopping last weekend and saw these in River Island (fairly trendy store) and I wasn’t in the maternity section….

Elastic waist jeans

Please please tell me that elastic waist jeans are not going to be the next big thing (no offence to all the pregnant women out there or that guy in high school who’s mom made his jeans…you are trendy now!!). Although it doesn’t really matter I probably won’t pick up this trend for another 2 years til it is well and truly over…that’s how I roll.

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4 Responses to WTF? Friday

  1. nicspic2608 says:

    This is an old picture surely! No no no…

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