Bright lights

I probably shouldn’t admit this but I just got home from standing outside of the London Premier of 17 Again (movie with teen heartthrob Zac Efron and not so teen heart throb Matthew Perry).  Anyway, they tend to do these big ol’ premieres quite often and I have always been anxious to go to one due to my ridiculous intrigue with celebrities.  Luckily a colleague of mine also shares such intrigue and has a bit of a crush on Zac so we were a perfect pair.

Unfortunately we missed him coming out to the audience by about 10 minutes but based on the screaming and body squishing we experienced when he was 50 metres away, I can’t say I am too disappointed that we missed the chaos when he would have been mere inches.

Anyhoo it was fun to see the crowds, bright lights and D list celebrities walk by and into the premiere, one of those nights that reminds me how much I love this city.

PS Did you know that the celebrities don’t stay at their own premieres?  Zac went in, caused chaos then 10 minutes later left in a shiny BMW, guess he knows how the movie ends – I still thought he would have to sit through it!


Some dude from Hollyoaks

The paparazi

The paparazi


Zac and proof that I will never make it as a paparazi


Zac, well the back of him anyway

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