Happy Birthday Little People

One of the blogs I read as a way to increase my useless knowledge mentioned that this weekend marked the 50th Birthday of Fisher Price’s ‘Little people’ (is this politically correct?)  and they were able to dig out this fantastic commercial.  The reason I am so excited about it is that I had BOTH of the ‘Little People’ play sets featured in the ad.  I remember hours of fun playing with the front doorbell of the house with the puppy in the window and the mooing barn door on the farm…it rocked.

I also had the Little People Sesame street…complete with Big Bird’s nest and Mr Hooper (rest his soul) which was equally as awesome (me? spoiled?…to be fair I think Mom got them at a garage sale for $1 each and is secretly hoping they will become collectors items so she can get that condo in Florida she has always dreamt of).


It seems however that the more recent ‘Little People’ have been exposed to too much junk food, TV and genetically modified chicken as they are a bit rounder and plumper than my 1960’s version….a ‘Little People’ gym might be a nice addition to the set perhaps?


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