Mothering Sunday

Today is Mothers Day/Mothering Sunday in the UK so, Happy Mothering Sunday to all you UK Mums. Canadian/American Mom’s you have to wait until May (must not forget, must not forget). This means that in theory I should be able to go out next week and get Mothers Day cards on sale however, I am quickly caught out on that trick as they spell Mom differently here…it’s Mum. I am not sure where Mum comes from as it’s not Muthering Sunday or Muthers Day.

I just don’t think you get the same dramatic effect withh the Mum pronunciation.  I have spent years perfecting the dragging out of the word Mom ‘…but Maaaaawwwwwmmmm or Please Maaaaawwwwwm’.  You just can’t do that with Mum, its too short and to the point.  I am sticking with Mom, I can’t let those years of practice go to waste.

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