Buy one get something free

It seems the gang at my office (myself included) has a bit of an addiction to GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen)…they serve these great big burgers (chicken, beef, emu, buffalo) and chips (although only fat chips as they got rid of the skinny ones which sucks). Anyhoo we tend to go fairly often but it is mostly because they are sending these 2 for 1 vouchers around almost weekly…and really with the credit crunch on it is our fiscal responsibility to find economical eating solutions.

Anyway today I received an Easter themed one and after reading it, literally had no idea what it meant.


It basically says that Easter comes early and that they are giving me a two for one with a twist….

Order any main course burger or salad (ha, I didn’t even know they served salad…anyway this bit wasn’t in the coupon) and we’ll buy the dearest.

I read it twice then laughed to myself thinking hahah they meant buy a burger and they will buy you dessert cause they surely can’t mean dearest…what the hell is dearest.

I tested my dessert typo theory on my colleague at which point I was told no, dearest means most expensive….really? So if I was to call someone my nearest and dearest friend I am really calling them my closest and most expensive friend??

English language 1 Adrienne 0

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2 Responses to Buy one get something free

  1. Johnny says:

    *points and laughs*

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