WTF? Friday


As illustrated by the adorable picture of me above (how 1970’s is that wallpaper??!) I was a bit folically challenged and may have been mistaken for a boy once or twice (probably having a fairly bisexual name like Adrienne might not have helped…is bisexual the right word for that?…probably not but I am too tired to think)

Anyway despite my mistaken gender issues I can’t see my parents turning to this….

Baby Bands

Baby Bangs!!! Nothing says adorable baby like plastic hair attached to an elastic hair band!   The website model baby looks a bit like the mash up from the the baby maker site and there doesn’t seem to actually be products available for sale but I still love it and thank them for giving me something to blog about.

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One Response to WTF? Friday

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s just wrong!!!! Babies aren’t suppose to have a huge head of hair. Did any one of those poor babies look happy. And why just girls? The answer, no boy would allow you to stick a rubber band around its head!!!!!!!!!!! You just shouldn’t fool with mother nature!
    Aunty L.

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