Fancy visiting Canada?

A little Canadian post for you as I seem to be stumbling across snippets from my home land lately….

I think tourism Canada must be pushing tube advertising as one of their main strategies this year as over the past few days I have come across a couple of tube ads.

Visit Yukon

Its so funny,  I actually thought they stole that photo from my computer as that is exactly how the hubby and I used to spend our holidays, on the waters edge in our tent (please note the sarcasm do you see electricity or an internet connection, yeah… I don’t camp).  The other thing about the photo is that they are in the YUKON .  Yukon is the territory in Canada that borders Alaska and the Arctic circle, it has 30,000 people and enough land mass to give each person 6.2 square miles each (read large and empty).  The average temperature is 14 degrees in July (read bloody cold) and I am willing to bet that over 90% of Canadians have never been (or considered going)….which is why I almost choked when I saw the price in the bottom left….£2216 ($3957 CDN).  Mother nature wasn’t kidding, she has EXPENSIVE taste.

Visit New Brunswick

The second one I saw this morning and it is a bit closer to my heart as I was born in New Brunswick….oh the days I spent on my sailboat watching whales I can’t tell you (yes I can…it was zero I have never seen a whale).  Hey, it probably will bring in more tourists than pictures of 6 feet of snow and the fog rolling in over the harbour!  In all seriousness there is a special place in my heart for New Brunswick, it has a bit of a British feel with some lovely old buildings in the city centres and nice sprawling rural areas….how’s that for a sales pitch?

Finally this viral has been doing the rounds and I just can’t resist.  This is our polite national greeter who guards the American border and welcomes you to Canada – you don’t want to get thrown out of Canada though –  we aren’t so polite then, we send the talking grizzly bears to handle that.

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