Don’t give a darn…

I read an article this morning about a survey conducted that highlighted the fact traditional skills that in the past, got passed down from generation to generation are seemingly dying out. Apparently, more people knowing how to collect benefits than darn socks and half of those surveyed couldn’t change a car tyre (yes they spell it tyre here, not tire!! Crazy eh) but 7 out of 10 could open a facebook account.

I can attest to this as I can’t even sew on a button (well I can but not very well). Right now, all but one of the buttons on the hubby’s winter coat have fallen off. The best bit is that the one remaining button is the one right at his neck so he is essentially wearing a cape (hahahah) and I am not sure how to fix it because the buttons aren’t’ sewn right to the coat they look like they are at the end of a short string.  I am sure it is not for lack of trying that these skills are dying out as my mom has shown me how to sew on a button, hem trousers etc etc, it is just that I would rather learn about the newest online craze than do any of that.

Although traditional skills may not be being passed down, new skills are being passed back up to the previous generation.  For example, last night, I spent an hour on a skype video call with my Mom teaching her how to use her new blackberry. She offered to teach me how to darn socks when we were done but my internet connection mysteriously cut out and I was never able to reconnect…darn it! (hahahahah I kill me).

I think I might be part of a more needs based generation in that I will learn those things when I need to.  When I am am on the side of the road with a flat tyre I will get my blackberry out and google how to change a tyre.  When the hubby’s top button falls off and his cape turns to a housecoat I will get on skype and get my mom to show me how to sew on a button.  Until then, I will live blissfully unaware of how to do domestic things until I absolutely need to learn them….at which point I will google them.

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2 Responses to Don’t give a darn…

  1. Mom says:

    From my Blackberry : we NEED to have that Skype lesson soon! If I can learn to type with 2 thumbs….

    • Adrienne says:

      hahah we will have to arrange weekly Skype lessons…maybe I can start an online blackberry lesson company and have people subscribe to our lessons haha

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