El wherea??

We are back from our week away to get some winter sun. We were looking for somewhere hot and weren’t planning on doing much more than tanning and reading.  Based on a that brief, a friend of a friend recommended El Gouna, Egypt. After doing some research on Trip Advisor we decided it sounded exactly like what we were looking for (let me point out that although we were heading to the culturally rich country of Egypt, we didn’t intend to venture near anything cultural…except for observing the resort camel or tasting locally brewed beer).

El Gouna, from what we could tell, was completely built to be a tourist destination…7 years ago it was pure desert now it is 14 hotels, a USPGA golf course, a marina and a downtown area.  The area is completely assessable via tuk tucks which you could take around the area for a flat fee of 5 Egyptian Pounds per person no matter where you wanted to go (about 62 pence or $1.14 CDN).

tuc tuc el gouna

The downtown area was walking distance from our hotel and includes a bunch of restaurants (Thai, Italian, Lebanese, Greek, Pub, etc etc), a supermarket and various other shops.  The Marina was a bit farther away but also had a number of restaurants and a collection of private yachts that could rival Monaco.

Abu Tig Marina

Abu Tig Marina yach

The El Gouna tourist board (or whomever manages this mini paradise area) has encouraged the hotels not to offer just all inclusive packages to get hotel guests to leave their resorts and drive business to the downtown and marina restaurants.  We opted for a bed and breakfast option which worked out well as we were spoiled for choice when it came to food between the resort, marina and downtown.  There was a 2 hour time difference but the hubby adjusted to the LET (Local eating time) well and we started testing the restaurants out right away.  The food was excellent (minus the minuscule mini bar snacks)  and we couldn’t help but notice the effort that each restaurant took in their presentation.

Athena El Gouna

The staff at both the restaurants and resort were incredibly friendly, honest and never did someone approach us to sell us anything or imply that they wanted a tip for anything.  One night we went to the Seventh Star restaurant at the marina, when we left I noticed that I had far less cash in my wallet than I thought we had.  We talked it through and convinced ourselves that I hadn’t lost it, that we had in fact somehow spent it.  Two nights later we went back to the same restaurant (because it was so good and they were so friendly) and the manager walked up to us and asked us if we had lost some money the night before…stunned we said yes at which time he said ‘don’t worry I kept it for you’.  Needless to say they received a good (and very well deserved) tip that night.

Our resort (Movenpick El Gouna) was great, it was immaculately clean, food was amazing and we were never at a loss for where to suntan as there were 3 pools, 3 lagoons and 1km of sandy beach along the Red Sea. All in all it was lovely and reminiscing about all of this makes me miss it already!

The view from reception

The view from reception

I could ramble on and on (as I do) but will stop and just throw in some pictures as they probably say it better than I could ever do.

Movepick resident Camel

The resort camel

The beach along one of the inlets to the Red Sea

A nice calm sunny day

Sunset from our back patio area

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5 Responses to El wherea??

  1. Kiz says:

    £62? You sure thats right? I think you mean 0.62p (Thats 62 Pence) not 62 GBP…
    Sounds nice tho !

  2. Kirstin says:

    Omg when you made a comment on my blog about how hot it was on a beach chair in Egypt I totally thought you were making a joke and… that I didn’t really get it… but didn’t want to look stoopid so I didn’t question it just laughed because I assumed, being your hilarious self, that it was funny and above my intelligence level… BUT YOU WERE REALLY ON A BEACH CHAIR IN EGYPT! HOLY HOT HELL IN A HANDBASKET!

    • Adrienne says:

      Hahaha I after I wrote that I wondered if I had told you we were going….we are back now though and it seems miles away. Plus no one thinks I am tanned but I really am!! I’d show them my tan lines but I think that is a bit risque! Looking forward to seeing you soon…hey do you even come back to read comments or am I just typing away to no one…I wonder.

  3. Kirstin says:

    Hey, lady, I’m a week and a half away from retirement, what ELSE do I have to do but come back and see if you responded to my comment? Oh wait, I’m not retiring. I’m having a baby… but same difference, right? I can’t wait until you come back and Emma and I can leave you to babysit our offspring!

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