Pancake Day

Today is pancake day…or as I pointed should be called lemony crepe day as their pancakes aren’t what Aunt Jemima used to make.  They are thin and generally served as a dessert, and somehow lemon is included in the mix as per the display below.

Pancake display

Also  in this display are eggs (the box on the right marked Woodland) …and the weird bit about this is that this display is in the middle of the grocery store…not refridgerated.

Yes, they don’t refrigerate eggs here…which did confuse me when I first looked for eggs in a grocery store as I hadn’t thought to look on the shelf near the flour!  Evidently eggs actually do not need to be refridgerated (evidence of that is that we haven’t died yet and have consumed quite a few eggs here).  Although it does still seem wrong to me as I assumed eggs needed to be refridgerated or they would go bad or something . At home I probably would have thrown out a carton of eggs if I had forgotten to refridgerate them.  It’s a hard habit to break (pardon the pun) as when I buy eggs I do still stick them in the fridge just in case…

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One Response to Pancake Day

  1. Kiz says:

    Hehe, i knew ud love pancake day 😛

    Dont even go NEAR those ready mix’s…Terrible thing ! The whole point of it is people giving stuff up and using just flour egg salt and milk, basics, to make food, not buying mix, ewwww.
    See my blog for pancakey goodness !

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