As if by magic…

It has been almost 6 months since I reported on the construction of a retractable  your-eye-nail (urinal) on our high street and I am happy to say that on Friday night, we finally saw it in all it’s glory.

For those  of you unfamiliar with this fantastic structure, they have build a urinal under ground that during the day, is hidden but at night, as if by magic,  it emerges from the ground to provide the men on the high street a place to wee on their stumble home from the bars.

Last night was the first time we had seen it above ground and I was surprised by it’s fancy lighting and for a second thought it looked more like an art exhibit versus a place to pee in (not that I have actually ever been to an art exhibit…although if there was one with fancy urinals I might just be interested).  None the less, the future of urination has come to our high street.

Prepare to be amazed….

Non retracted urinal


retractabe urinal


retractable urinal 2

A true work of art

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