WTF? Friday

The one thing that made me happy on our NWA flight to Canada at Christmas was the fact that they had a skymall brochure to keep me amused (and prevent me from strangling all the loud kids around us).

For those of you who might not be familiar it is full of ridiculous but brilliant gadgets…250 pages of the type of wacky nick knacks and trinkets I wish I had thought of myself. As I poured over every nifty gadget I thought this one was a clear winner and so, very, um how do you say….American? (sorry guys but it’s true).


Look how happy these dudes are!

So happy

Where else in the world can you market a hammock designed to attach to the back of your truck to ‘bring the laid back comfort of a hammock to your tailgate parties”.

Not tacky enough for you?…how about this truck accessory? You will be the coolest person at the trailer park with these babies attached to your window. Better watch out when you are grabbing dinner at the drive thru Arby’s that you don’t take the server’s eyes out….cla-ssay.

Truck Antlers

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