Let’s get it on…

At home we use the term ‘make out’ quite a bit (or maybe that is just me)…I am aware it is a double entendre (points for staying awake in English class, or for completely calling it the wrong thing) as I know that ‘make out’ can mean what you do in the back row of a movie theatre when you are 16 years old but we use it more as a status update

How did you make out at the store? Did you find everything you need?
How did she make out at the job interview?

I found out however that they DO NOT use said phrase here.  I realised this when I was on the phone with my client. One of his colleagues was meeting with one of my colleagues so I was telling him I would check in with my colleague to see how the meeting went except I actually said :

I will let you know how Paul makes out with Ben

At which point I heard silence (yes, this happens a lot when I speak to people) and he finally said …”I hope Paul doesn’t make out with Ben’ (not cause they wouldn’t make a cute couple, mainly because they were meant to be having a meeting).

Anyway I have learnt that the equivalent double entendre used in the UK is ‘get on‘. ie

How did you get on at the shop?
Did you get on okay at the dentist?

The issue with this is that every time I hear or said it, I hear Marvin Gaye singing ‘ Let’s get it on’, then I get distracted giggle to myself and completely forget what the person is talking to me about…and again, people I assume I am a complete nutter.

As they say one man’s make out is another man’s get it on…or something like that.

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3 Responses to Let’s get it on…

  1. Amanda says:

    Love this blog!! I too would think of that song..

    If fact, I often think of something I want to say / type to someone, then hear the song in my head, find it quite funny.. but when you type it in an email, its just not the same!

    Hope you are well..

  2. Adrienne says:

    I know, I find it hard to type funny stuff sometimes its much easier to explain this person (or sing). Glad you are still reading 🙂 Things are well here, just about to go on holiday which I am looking forward to…hmm not sure if people come back to read their comment replies so I may stop cause you might never read this…


  3. A says:

    I read it.. 😉

    Have a great holiday! Brad and i are thinking about a week down south soon!! yeah.

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