Your teeth are made of what?

Aquafresh milk teeth

Here’s a new one (to me). Apparently baby teeth over here are also known as milk teeth.  I hadn’t heard that one yet but it reminded me of another thing I have learnt about over here which is a tasty treat called milky bar buttons.

Milky bar buttons, unlike milk teeth, are not found on the body (not an English term for belly button) but are little round discs of white chocolate that actually taste quite good (I am normally a dark chocolate snob).  So when someone mentioned milk teeth I thought it was a tooth shaped version of milky buttons and might have started to crave said treat.  When I heard that they were referring to baby teeth, it made me less hungry.

milky buttonsbuttons

PS apparently there is a recall on the milk teeth toothpaste pictured above so if you use this you may want to stop, but then again if you use the toothpaste and read this blog, you are either super fricking smart or, thought it was a milk chocolate treat like I did – in both cases  you should still stop using it

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