Yeah, that doesn’t sound right

You know hen you have one of those moments where you realise that something you have thought was so normal all of your life isn’t?

I had one of those at work the other day. We were talking about which milk we drank as a kid and my UK born colleagues were quoting their growing up milk by the cap colour as they differentiate the different types of milk with coloured lids;

Skim = red
1% = orange
Semi Skimmed = green
Whole = blue

Anyhoo we we’re talking about how we drank higher fat milk as kids at which point I yelled out…wait for it… ‘oh yeah I used to drink homo’

Insert dead silence and quizzical little English faces.

Yes, in Canada we called full fat or whole milk, homo milk (short for homogenised) and until then, I never really thought too much about how that sounds.

Remember Dorothy, you aren’t in Kansas anymore….


Yes, I do realise this is yet another post about milk…I don’t really even drink the stuff anymore, go figure
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