WTF blanket

As I have mentioned I loved the  slanket or snuggly (basically the same product, not sure why they aren’t suing the pants off of each other) the first time I saw it…genius, a backwards housecoat!  I love and admire people who don’t instantly veto stupid ideas like this and actually go as far as get prototypes made and go to their bank manager to get funding…bless you entrepreneurs –  you lost me at …have you ever wanted to wear a housecoat backwards?

Anyway seeing that I am always cold my mother made me one of these for Christmas and I have to say I wear it around like the total leeww-ser that I am (um so the other day the neighbour was on their balcony which consequentially looks right into our flat…anyway I was on the couch in my sky blue snuggly and his new girlfriend came out, not wanting to look like a lazy middle aged Smurfette, I jumped up off the couch and ran out of their line of vision, as I did my foot got caught on my snuggly and I slid 6 feet across the  wood floor…thankfully I didn’t fall down cause seeing a dead middle age Smurfette would have been mortifying).

My long blah blah was basically just to introduce this great voice over to the snuggly infomercial – warnings, contains bleeps intended to represent swearing.

Thanks Geek Sugar

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2 Responses to WTF blanket

  1. Amanda says:

    haha.. i love that you have the ‘what the f*ck blanket’.. I totally saw them a couple ofyears ago and thought they looked cozy!

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