City of Ontario…

So we survived the snow but now the city of London is getting ridiculed for how they handled it. Frankly, I think they should get over it…so what people couldn’t get in to work for 1 day…for the love of god it only happens every 20 years give everyone a day off!
Anyway I did happen to love this though in the Metro paper today as apparently they are urging the Mayor of London  to have to hold meetings with the mayors of other cities who are used to dealing with snow….


I am interested to see how they get on calling the mayor of the CITY of Ontario.

PS for those of you who don’t get it, Ontario is a Province not a City…a Province is like a State but the Canadian version (and we only have 10 not 50 like the US) .

Okay back to non snow related stuff tomorrow….

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One Response to City of Ontario…

  1. Kiz says:

    ARRGGHH lol. Stop saying we get snow once every 18-20 years ! We get it EVERY year for a day here and there. Just not on this scale for 18 years. We have still had plenty of problems from far less snow in previous years

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