London snow update

The snow continues and so does the news coverage criticizing how poorly London handles snow. To be fair, why would a city that only gets snow every 18 years know how to deal with snow!? Buying snow plows would be an irresponsible waste of government money.  Truthfully, enough snow has fallen that even in Canada the trains would be screwed up and people would be advised to be cautious on the road.

I have enjoyed the news coverage of said catastrophe but the quote of the day goes to this dude…

What do you mean by ‘somewhere like Canada’….is it really that hard to believe that we can figure out how to cope with snow? You are right, we just started walking upright a few years ago, I can see why it is hard to believe.

I find it hard to believe that the Brits think that wellies or uggs are good snow footwear….wellies are waterproof but freezing cold to wear and when you get the sole cold it is like wearing skates.  Uggs were developed in a country that has never seen snow so aren’t the least bit waterproof, you may as well go in your socks…and on my final point…why are people out with umbrellas…it is snow, not rain….done now


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One Response to London snow update

  1. Kiz says:

    We see snow every year…Just not on this scale, but still a hell of alot of it !

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