Birthday chicken

Yesterday was the hubby’s birthday and since he isn’t turning anything with a zero at the end of it he doesn’t’ get any surprise trips to Malta this year. The opposite in fact, due to the credit crunch this fiscally responsible man has asked for no presents or fuss. Obviously he really means still make a fuss just don’t spend as much this year….well, that is what I heard anyway. So I bought him a few odds and ends and took him out for his favourite restaurant, Nandos.

If you aren’t familiar, Nandos is like the (smaller) spicy Portuguese cousin to Swiss Chalet. Essentially they have a similar menu (quarter, half and whole chickens) with your choice of sides (fries, corn, coleslaw etc) then you choose the chicken marinade depending on how spicy you like your food. The options range from lemon and herb (remember, in England pronounce that ‘H’ in ‘Herb’) up to extra hot.  One thing to note however is that their chickens are quite a bit smaller than Swiss Chalet which makes it perfectly acceptable for one person to eat a whole chicken (or at least that is what the hubby tells himself)

Nando's spice thermometer

Being the adventurous eater I am…I opted for plain cause I even find that the least spicy option,  lemon and herb, has a kick (yes, I find pepper spicy, thanks for asking). Although the hubby went for extra spicy then drowned it in more spicy sauce…thankfully they have free drink refills which he took full advantage of.

As the wise Paula Abdul once sang…Opposites Attract


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