Why I can’t place the stationary order

Yeah so the other week the boss was going through the stationary order with our office manager and just before he left the room he yelled, ‘and don’t forget a box of rubbers’. At which point I spat out my tea and almost died laughing – um, in Canada rubbers are definitely not what you use to correct mistakes….actually, they are something you use to prevent mistakes.

Would have been funny though if I was doing the order and the boss found ‘Canadian rubbers’ next to the toner and post it notes…talk about an interesting water cooler conversation!

For the record a colleague of mine had the same tea spitting experience when I was telling her a story about this loud tourist I saw wearing a fanny pack….apparently here the word fanny is used to describe girl parts that reside below one’s belt.  Anyway from here on in I am to use the term bum bag, although thankfully I don’t tend to find myself telling too many stories including the 80’s clip on waist accessory.

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