Talking rats and shopping hamsters

You know those memories you have as a kid and you aren’t sure if they were real or if you made them up? Well I was talking at work about a TV show I used to watch as a kid that had talking hamsters, rats and turtles.  After the strange looks I got from colleagues, I wondered if I had made this up and that I really hadn’t seen such a show.

Thanks to the internet and some savvy Googling I was able to find it…it was called Tales of the Riverbank and was a fine example of Canadian television (which was eventually sold to the BBC)….ages before Babe the talking pig, Canadians made rodents and other strange small animals tell stories, write notes and ride cars. See below for a steller example….although I am a wee bit disappointed as I remembered their mouths moved with the words.  No wonder I always wanted a hamster

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2 Responses to Talking rats and shopping hamsters

  1. ahnbaby2 says:

    LOVITY LOVE LOVED tales of the riverbank. I’m SO there for you on this one! However, upon contemplation I’ve realized that in the late 70s/early 80s I’m not so sure the same sort of regulations existed as they do today to ensure the proper, humane treatment of animals in the entertainment industry. I wonder how many rodents were killed, harmed and/or traumatized by being floated in little boats or sped around on remote-control jeeps?

  2. Kimberley says:

    I always referred to this as the Hammy Hamster show, who knew it had a real name – thanks for the memories!

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