Here’s a happy thought

Here’s a nice one for you optimists…today is Blue Monday which the UK papers have claimed might possibly be the most depressing day in history (that is a bit harsh don’t you think?). Apparently the weather, lack of daylight, fading Christmas memories, broken new years resolutions, the fact that it is a Monday and the current economic condition have all contributed to why today is so gloomy.

I actually haven’t found it to be that bad, it is a little chilly and I have always hated Mondays but  I think my porridge hit on me this morning…



Tuck in & enjoy hot stuff!

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One Response to Here’s a happy thought

  1. ahnbaby2 says:

    HA! I can’t believe the Blue Monday thing. It’s gotta be a slow news week if they’re sitting around collectively thinking, “Okay, folks, we need to report SOMETHING… THINK! THINK! What can we tell people to make sure nobody’s feeling too good about themselves?” In North America it’s like Obama Christmas. People even took today off to watch the inauguration. AND IT’S NOT EVEN CANADIAN POLITICS!

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