WTF? Friday

So I was playing around on ticketmaster to find some theatre tickets because sadly in the (nearly) three years we have been here we haven’t seen nearly enough of the brilliant theatre London has to offer.

Anyhoo all that aside, I had to fill out one of those verification screens and it made me laugh….


Is not a saucepan, or a dustpan its an assapan.

By this point I had completely abandoned my ticket research and was trying to figure out if assapan was a real word because I had always thought that these verification things were just random letters –  not words…in which case I thought they would remove ‘swear’ word combinations.

Anyhoo I was wrong and after googling assapan I found out that an assapan is in fact, an American flying squirrel.  Take THAT to your pub quiz (and all you 7 year olds who aren’t allowed to swear can use this word when you see a flying squirrel without getting in trouble…..although if you did see a real life flying squirrel you may actually be able to swear cause that’s freaky).

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2 Responses to WTF? Friday

  1. David Blanar says:

    So, if i had to use it in a sentence:

    “I cooked an assapan in a saucepan, but after the first bite, I scraped it to the dustpan.”

  2. Adrienne says:

    Haha love it!! I hear squirrel is a real delicacy these days…although if you had assapan on a menu I would argue that it might lose it’s appeal (although to be fair, squirrel doesn’t sound that appetising to me either)!

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