Contains strong….


I mentioned this before but it surprises me here, in this prim and proper country,  is the amount of swearing and nudity on TV. You can hardly go a day without hearing swearing on TV (the late show hosts drop the f-bomb like its nothing) and at least every other day there will be some programme (educational or otherwise) featuring nudity of some kind (this includes naked male and female cadavers on the real live autopsy show).

Bearing that in mind I have been amused with the way they rate movies. They give movies a rating similar to that at home (PG, 12, 15 and 18) but then substantiate it with a line afterwards explaining what contributed to the rating.  Some examples of movies in the cinema:

Marley and Me – Contains one scene of mild violence, mild sex references and language (mild violence?…poor Marley)
The Reader – Contains strong sex (strong sex? sex with strong people?)
Seven Pounds –
Contains emotionally intense scenes (do you really have to warn people they might cry?)
The Wrestler – Contains strong bloody wrestling violence, strong language, sex and drug use (sounds like a party to me)

Other examples of their extremely insightful comments included:
Contains strong bloody violence
Contains images of sexualised nudity (as opposed to educational, like the autopsy show)
Contains mild violence, threat and scary moments (hehe scary ‘moments’)
Contains mildly scary moments, mild language and slapstick violence
Contains strong language and attempted suicide scenes (does the fact they said ‘attempted give away a bit of the plot?)
Contains strong language, gore, sex and drug use

I think some of the movies will actually benefit from those descritpoins. They should ditch the ‘best movie this year’ , ‘two thumbs up’ voiceovers  and replace them with …”Contains bloody violence, strong launguage and sexualised nudity”… that, would make people want go to the movies!

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