Welcome 2010

So tonight the cable went down and I had an enormous moment of stupidity (blonde moment perhaps) however it illustrated one of the other oddities I have found living in this glorious United Kingdom.

Our digital cable box went on the fritz (fritz being the technical term) tonight so being the tech genius that I am, I shut it off as a means to ‘reboot’ it. When it came back on it gave me this great Welcome message then said 2007 which made me laugh cause I thought wow, I thought it would take me a while to get used to the new year..this cable box is sooo 2 years ago. Then, before my eyes it changed to 2008 which I thought…hmm closer but maybe if I shut it off one more time it will get the date right.  I shut it off then back on again but there was still no picture on the tv.  I continued to moan and complain from the couch then realised I would have to get up and physically unplug the box…following which, the picture was restored and my welcome message came on saying 2010.  It was then when I realised that this box wasn’t Welcoming me to the new year, it was telling me what time it was and it had taken me precisely 3 minutes to figure this out (20:10 being 8:10pm).

My issue lies within this exercise…why does the UK use military time!!  Now don’t get me wrong, they don’t go around saying ‘I’ll meet you for a pint at nineteen hundred’ but wherever time appears in print (microwaves, digital boxes, tv guides, blackberries) it appears as a 24 hour clock.  The most annoying thing is that my computer and my outlook mail programme at work is on military time and still, after 3 years, I have to do the math in my head to figure out if 15:00 is 5:00 (cause it has a 5 in it) or only 3:00 and there is still 3 more hours worth of work….sadly, it is the latter.  I do know that 18:00 is home time and if I am looking at my on screen tv guide at 22:00 it’s time for bed…otherwise I have no idea what time it is and have to drop the first digit and subtract 2 from the second whenever I see military time.

How is it that the rest of the country can operate using both the 12 and 24 hour clock, did I miss the ‘how to read a 24 hour clock’ day at school (more than likely I was in the hallway versus actually not at school as I was often sent there for talking too much…surprised I learnt anything actually)?

Anyhoo its almost bedtime (thanks to my non military time on my computer which I had to change from it’s factory settings) hope everyone had a good day back to work, school, retirement.

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