Man flu

So the hubby is sick…he has an ailment  I have only heard of since moving to the UK called Man Flu or Man Cold. Man Flu for those of you unaware, is a sickness that only men can catch and is worse than any cold a woman will ever have.

Men with such ailment can be found under blankets on the couch,  covered in tissues engaging in severe moaning, whining and sleeping.  A cure hasn’t been found but many (men) suggest that a woman answering their every beck and call helps with a speedy recovery.    I, on the other hand have opted for the  pharmaceutical treatment route and so far have bought him 2 different ‘tickly cough’ medicines, fishermens friends, vicks cough lozenges, nose spray, vicks inhaler, vitamin C and green tea…and have thoroughly enjoyed watching my Boots loyalty points add up!

Video below illustrates what I am going through

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One Response to Man flu

  1. Anonymous says:

    Having a British family I have seen the man cold before. (Try living with three men with colds!) Potter’s Catarrh pastilles are the thing you need. I have two boxes sent every year from England and alway stock up while I’m there. Good luck! Aunty L.

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