Well, we officially made it to 2009…I haven’t had to write the date down yet but I figure it will take me until about March to start writing the date correctly…things like this take a long time to sink in for me.

Before I ramble on too much I must wish my Mom a Happy Birthday!! Yes, today is her birthday, she wasn’t the first baby born that year so didn’t get featured on the local news but she is still a new years baby and a pretty nifty one at that. I do have to admit though having a birthday on new years day must suck a bit as I am sure its hard to convince people to stuff themselves with more drinks and cake when they have massive hangovers (or was that just me…sorry Mom). Love you!

Anyhoo we had a great night last night and I learnt a few things…
1) that whole first footing thing is real as my real authentic English guest confirmed it. Although in his version the dude who first enters your house brings whisky which is even better…after a few glasses of champagne (and whisky) we decided it best to re-enact such traditions so sent the authentic English bloke and my hubbie outside the flat with a bottle of whisky (technically Rye but that is Canadian Whisky) and made them walk back through the door…bring on 2009.
2) the UK version of Taboo (the board game) sucks, they have replaced the buzzer that sounds like an electric razor (I always got load of laughs when I pretended to shave my legs or face with it) with a cheap squeaky toy you probably wouldn’t even give to your dog. Also, the 5 words you can’t say arent’ even the ones you would think of anyway…blah
3) London knows how to ring in the new year. I got all goose bumpy when we saw Big Ben strike midnight (did I mention I LOVE Big Ben) . They then had a spectacular firework display which we could see on TV and out our back window that literally lit up the entire city…not too shabby of a way to celebrate if you ask me.

Well that’s about it for me, I have to get back to watching 30 Rock on DVD and lounging in my Slanket.

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