Waiting for handsome man carrying coal, money and bread

Well somehow it is New Years eve already. With all the excitement of Christmas still fresh in my mind we are having a fairly low key evening in with friends, champagne and a curry takeaway (England does Indian food like we do Chinese…cheap, cheerful, available by delivery and open every day of the year). I am going all out for my guests eh! If I get home early enough I might take the food out of the containers and pour them into real glass bowls but we’ll have to see. I heard there are some pretty neat fireworks near Big Ben and the London Eye tonight – as luck would have it, we can see the eye from our spare room window so I might set up a few chairs so we can watch the festivities from the warmth of our flat….the excitement doesn’t end does it!

I did do a bit of googling to see if there were any UK New Years traditions I should know about and found one that was too good to not blog about…I am not sure it’s actually true, but I loved it..

The custom of “first-footing” is important. To ensure good luck for the inhabitants of a house, the first person to enter on New Year’s Day should be male, young, healthy and good-looking. He should preferably be dark-haired and carrying a small piece of coal, money, bread and salt. These things symbolize wealth. Women and those people with blonde or red hair are considered unlucky “first-footers.”

Oooh I can hardly wait…how can I sleep tonight knowing a hot male carrying carbs and money will be coming by tomorrow morning!!! I love England!

So far there isn’t much on the 2009 calendar but I plan to continue to collect and regurgitate useless information via my blog and bumble along as usual….on that note I am going to head home to prepare the dishes for dinner. Wishing y’all a happy and healthy 2009…

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