Home for the holidays

Well, we are back from our whirlwind and mildly chaotic trip home for Christmas.  We finally did receive our bags…2 on Christmas eve and one on Christmas day.  The vodka bottle was still in tact however the chocolate mousse cakes I had frozen and packed in ice packs for  Mom, sadly didn’t make it…they were a little too warm to be deemed safe to eat.  We had a lovely Christmas with the family…and I even received some blog related presents including 2 Coronation Street tops which I love and my very own Slanket hand made by my Mom!   I will start early next year hinting about stuff as it worked well.

On top of the delays and lost luggage we had a few family illnesses to contend with –   Mom with laryngitis (a Christmas present from Santa to Dad perhaps?), Mother in law with a cold, Father in law with pneumonia and Mom with a Christmas Day 24 hour stomach flu meaning she missed out on dinner.  The hubby and I did catch something as we both had stuffy noses and sore throats for most of the trip and the hubby had a nice big nose bleed  Saturday night….fa la la la la, la la la laaaa

Needless to say once Sunday arrived I was mildly looking forward to heading home to my own bed.  When we woke up on Sunday we were greeted with a loud rumbling noise, like a train going by…I opened the curtains and realised it wasn’t a train, just gale force winds bending trees and knocking down my parents outdoor Christmas tree…perfect flying weather.  As we drove to the airport we saw fallen down signs, trees and debris flying everywhere (dad almost got taken out by flying styrofoam at the gas station).  This did make for a fairly bumpy flight from Toronto to Detroit but we arrived safely.  I won’t bore you with the details of the return flight….I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Until then, some pictures of our white Christmas (click to make them bigger).

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