WTF? Friday

So by the time you read this I should be on a plane heading home for Christmas. Yes, that is right I am going to Canada in the winter and everyone I tell that to, gives me the same response….oooh I bet its freezing and there is tons of snow in Canada in December . I then try to shrug it off and convince them that no, it doesn’t always snow in Canada and that I wont need to pack my winter boots and parka. Then I read this

snow mageddon

…yes folks they really did make up a word for a snow disaster…it’s going to be snow-mageddon (ooh will Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis be there?).

Here’s a the bit I love….Friday and Sunday could bring an additional fall totalling about 40 centimetres, accompanied by plunging temperatures and high winds.

Oooh you mean Friday, the day we are arriving in a big airplane that doesn’t usually land well when in snow, ice and wind?  fab….Where the hell did I put my parka…

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One Response to WTF? Friday

  1. Kirstin says:

    Kirstin here, reporting from Snowmageddon 2008. Conditions are… snowy, icy and windy. Parkas & Sorrels are being worn gratuitously. Go Train cancellations & terrible driving conditions are making commutes to and from the burbs increasingly difficult and treacherous and yet many of us are left with a more pressing concern: “When you live downtown, what’s your excuse to bail out of work at 3:00p.m.?”

    I have faith that your flight will arrive safely; OR be re-routed to Florida and daaaamn gurl, cuz Christmas at Disney World sounds like fun, too.

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