Happy Crimbo

With my birthday over and farther away than it will ever be…it’s time to celebrate Christmas!!  Although on the surface I am finding most of the Christmas traditions the same there are a  few words that I have been introduced to over the Christmas seasons

Crimbo – a slang way to talk about Christmas. In a sentence: Do you have your crimbo decorations up yet?

Baubles – the round decorations that you hang on your tree…in North America, referred to as ‘balls’  (on a side note they have nice plastic hooks here that you attach to your bauble/balls instead of those wire ones you can poke your eyes out with.

Where's the fun in not being able to poke your eye out?

Where's the fun in not being able to poke your eye out?

Sledging – the travel down a decline in cold weather (thanks Wikipedia) although we call it sledding, sledging sounds like something you do with a sledge hammer…somehow I don’t think the slide well on snow.

And now on to Santa…or Father Christmas as he is referred to here…they do call him Santa but they interchange it with Father Christmas far more than we ever do.

Father Christmas apparently lives in Lapland  – what?  All these years I have been sending him letters to the North Pole and now I find out I should be sending them to Lapland.  Tour companies even offer tours to Lapland…why were we never told of Lapland!

6,000 got to see the REAL SANTA??!!!?

6,000 got to see the REAL SANTA??!!!?

Also when you get your picture taken with Santa you go to Santa’s ‘Grotto’ doesn’t that sound a little dingy?  I picture it having bats and rock walls that drip, hardly somewhere I want my kid to sit on Santa’s lap in!

Also…did you know that you can book your picture with Santa online??!  In Harrods and Selfridges you go online to book your time with Santa, I can just see one of his Elves opening the Grotto door saying ‘Santa, your 10:30 is here’ …who books in to see Santa!  Isn’t the best bit of seeing Santa when you stand for an hour in a queue watching the kids ruin their ‘good Christmas outfits’ by drooling, spilling and rolling around on the dirty floor to the point that when they do get on his lap him they look like little drunken adults who just woke up after sleeping the night in a dirty puddle?  Surely you would miss that if you booked online and skipped the queue!

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3 Responses to Happy Crimbo

  1. Kirstin says:

    We don’t call them baubles? Man, I even have Jules calling them baubles. Cursed British mother and her teachings!

    And grotto? Isn’t that where you go in Hugh Hefner’s mansion to… do naughty stuff with Hef’s girls? Is Santa smoking a cigar and wearing a silk robe in the grotto?

  2. Emma says:

    Ha…don’t forget the Brits offten say ‘Happy Christmas’ as oppose to the ‘Merry Christmas’ we’re use to. …well at least my Brit parents do but they are an odd entity unto themselves so who really knows…

    As for Lapland…I’ve actually been there! No I never paid the ₤6,000!! but I have to admit, it was a very interesting place.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Maybe I am wrong about baubles…maybe we do say it and I am the odd one talking about my Christmas tree with balls?? Emma I was going to save the Happy Christmas post to Christmas day….I have issues with Happy Christmas….I prefer Merry.

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