Twice as old as a 15 year old?!

30th birthday card

Birthday card from my hubby

So today I am officially 30 which means I have lived twice as long as a 15 year old but only 1/3 the life of a 90 year old. I am older than most of cast of friends was supposed to be when the series started, but younger than all the ladies on Golden Girls. I am older than the guy who started facebook but younger than …aaah let’s face it, I am older than anyone who has been successful at the dot com stuff.

At 30 I have had to give up hoping for a few things like growing taller, I am pretty sure I am at my adult height now –  I can no longer wish to be an inch taller.  I have  also given up on having a brother or sister.  I think after 30 years of being an only child I wouldn’t adjust well to having a sibling…those two things I will officially let go of today.

I won’t however stop the following just because I am 30…trying to fit into a girls size XL clothes as sometimes its cheaper than buying a ladies small, eating cotton candy whenever and wherever I see it, ordering a Happy Meal at McDonalds when I am not hungry enough for an adult one, calling my mom and ask her anything about baking/sewing or calling my dad and ask him anything about cars, money, golf.

A’ight better get back to work, it may be my birthday but I still have 35 more years until retirement.

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2 Responses to Twice as old as a 15 year old?!

  1. Kimberley says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don’t worry, 30 is the new 18.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t anyone tell you after 30 you start to shrink! I mailed your parcel to Mom and Dad’s. Couldn’t fit P,N & P.!
    Love Aunty L.

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